The Foxlake venture has now formed itself into a Community Interest Company and is working with several community organisations including VDEL and Cycle Dunbar to bring a fantastic community amenity to East Lothian and without doubt will attract more tourists to the area whilst giving a new activity for East Lothian’s active teenagers.

Cable wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world due to its accessibility and affordability to all ages. It is a fantastic sport for beginners and experts alike. It has also been shortlisted as a potential event for the 2020 Olympics.

The project has been backed by waterskiscotland who see this as the start of a new era for wakeboarding north of the Border. Alan Murray, Chief Operating Officer, waterskiscotland sees this development as bringing more young people into the sport and developing the sporting pathway through an accredited wakeboard club operating at Foxlake, he feels, will be the key to success. He urges youngsters to take up this new and exciting watersports discipline and get involved in a fun and dynamic sport. I see no reason why by 2020 Scotland will not be providing cable riders at the levels seen in England and competing for places in a GB Olympic Team.

For those who have never heard of wakeboarding remember the day when snowboarding didn’t exist and you can get a picture of how the sport of cable boarding can grow with having the facilities in place. As the fastest growing watersport in the world, Foxlake has plans for 2 more lakes to be developed next year on site to expand the site to its fullest potential with added adventure sports.

James Barbour, Director of Foxlake said “I am delighted to be bringing along with the Foxlake Team such an exciting sporting venture to my home County. I feel this facility bridges the gap for teenagers and provides for the adventure enthusiasts in the County. In opening up this summer we are delighted to have been able to employ 5 of our 6 staff locally from within the Dunbar area.

PMR Leisure have become the full consulting partners to Foxlake CIC and Penny has become a Director as of 1stJune 2012 and brings her expertise to the team to help this project become of National significance to help grow the sport.

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