January 2013 saw Penny and Wendy start working in Peterhead investigating the opportunities for a major sporting development on CattoPark adjacent to Peterhead FC  Stadium.

This work over the last six months led to the whole community engaging in the process and this has now led to the recent announcement that Aberdeenshire Council and Peterhead FC are now funding PMR Leisure to lead and develop the next stage of the project. This is potentially one of the most significant sporting projects for the North East of Scotland in many years.

Peterhead FC has facilitated a process which has brought many community partners together and a newly formed Working Group will now oversee the project to develop community and sporting facilities for CattoPark.

Aberdeenshire Council see this as a unique opportunity to bring public, private and community partners together to drive this development for the town.

One of the community partners recently commented “we might be a long way from London but we believe this project will bring our own lasting sustainable Legacy for our community.

This next stage will involve Governing Body partners of the SFA and Scottish Athletics who recognise the major opportunities for facility development and improvement for the North East of Scotland.