Law Community Trust

We were commissioned by Law Community Trust in 2006 to assist in developing their idea of a new leisure based community hub facility for the village on land which had been gifted through a section 75 housing agreement. Due to an increase in housing development it was the view of Law Community Trust that existing community resources were no longer fit for purpose because of their age and their capacity.  Our involvement helped the Trust in the following ways:

  • Take this concept forward and test their ideas in an application to the BIG Lottery Investing in Ideas Fund.
  • The Trust was aware of funding from the Local Leader Programme managed by the South Lanarkshire Rural Partnership and in August 2006 applications were submitted with our support for this funding.
  • The South Lanarkshire Rural Partnership approved funding in October 2006 which enabled an initial feasibility to move forward.
  • We were instrumental in the appointment of architects, Gareth Hoskins, to produce drawings for the proposals allowing applications to potential funders to be developed.
  • We also brought on board Jupiter Play to develop the children’s play aspect of the proposals and a public consultation was conducted in the village over a two-week period during October 2007.
  • A community meeting was held in January 2008 to allow local residents of Law to view the drawings and plans of the proposals before the project is taken further forward.

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