Inch Park Community Sports Club

PMR Leisure have been working with Inch Park Community Sports Club for over 8 years to help them realise their dream of creating a first class multi-sport site in Inch Park, Edinburgh, bringing rugby, cricket and football under one facility roof on one site. The project reflects a building worth £1.1m creatively funded by a self build approach by club members.

The new club house opened in a grand ceremony on the 15th November 2011 with the clubs and their community around them highlighting exactly what community based organisations can achieve with empowerment, guidance and endeavour. The IPCSC reflects the needs of the entire sporting community in South Edinburgh. The facility includes a modern clubhouse, high quality pitches, landscaped area and quality park environment for all the community to enjoy from the recreational user to performance athletes.

In recognition of the community clubs approach they have been allocatedsportscotland 2014 Legacy Community Sports Hub status and now have 5 years funding to assist with their community activities.

PMR have led all aspects of the project with the Board and design team. PMR have secured all capital for the project and revenue for initial staff for the club to allow it to stabilise in early years leading to full sustainability. PMR will continue through the first year of operation to advise the Board and ensure all funding requirements are met.

Our work with the IPCSC has included:

  • Representational work in negotiations with Council officials
  • Informing local politicians of the details surrounding the project
  • All Community consultation
  • Business planning and sports development planning
  • Undertaken all grant applications including attracting £450,000 from sportscotland, 3 Landfill Tax funders £130,000 and City of Edinburgh Council funding
  • Assisting the IPCSC Board in all aspects of its development and future planning
  • Developing staff roles, job specification and job descriptions
  • Recruiting staff
  • Providing mentoring and training for the newly employed Development Manager

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