Dundee City Council

As part of the continued commitment to quality delivery for football in Dundee the Scottish Football Association’s Regional Manager and Dundee City Council wanted an insight into youth football clubs’ views on the City’s facilities.  We were invited to provide that insight by:

  • Assessing the future needs of football which was considered key to the long-term delivery and development of football in the city.
  • Conducting a club survey of youth, amateur and Junior football to ascertain views on the state of pitches and pavilions, provide a record of where clubs operated from and played matches, the size of the clubs and what the club was doing to develop its coaches.
  • Inviting clubs to focus group evenings to check understanding of the information provided by the survey and gather more detailed information that would help the SFA and Dundee City Council consider football strategically in the city.
  • Conducting a mapping exercise and condition survey of the facilities in Dundee available to football and identifying which clubs played at these facilities
  • Identifying well structured football clubs that the SFA and Dundee City Council could work with on the development of strong community clubs that could operate and manage their own facilities.

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