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Argyll and Bute Sport Pitches and Facilities Strategy

In 2009 PMR Leisure were commissioned in partnership with Gareth Hoskins Architects to undertake a feasibility study with in depth community consultation on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council for a new swimming pool in Helensburgh. Following the successful completion of this work we were commissioned in early 2010 to develop Argyll and Bute Council’s Sports Pitch and Facility Plan. Argyll & Bute presented PMR with a unique challenge in that throughout the Authority each community had a combination of facility provision – both Council led developments alongside many community led facilities and a variety of management approaches within that provision. This mix is particularly unique to Argyll & Bute and effects both indoor and outdoor facilities. Our work brought these together for the first time under a clear joined up audit and identified the contribution they make to participation in sport and importantly how they should be developed in the future. The outputs of our work included:

  • Finding gaps in major sporting facility provision effecting participation now and in the future.
  • Understanding the role of community led Social Enterpirse facility provision and how it is viewed by the wider community.
  • Understanding how small communities address facility development in the future in a sustainable way.
  • Prioritising Argyll and Bute Council’s investment funding plan in the coming years.
  • Recommending a clear role for the NPDO schools in providing for their community sporting needs –particularly indoor sport
  • Assessing the need and demands of sport on a sport by sport basis
  • Identifying potential significant facilities for performance level sport in conjunction with Governing Bodies of Sport.
  • Through auditing, GSI mapping and grading outdoor sporting pitch provision provide clear recommendations for outdoor sporting developments and improvements based on future identified sporting demands.
  • Through the community engagement process identified the most appropriate Legacy Community Sports Hub projects and partners for Argyll & Bute to work with to create a lasting legacy of participation opportunities in Argyll &Bute.

From the strategy we identified a major pitch facility gap in Campbeltown and since have undertaken further work leading the Team to develop a 3G football pitch at Kinloch Green which is a long awaited community project. This project hopes to be implemented this summer facilitated by our team.

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